Community inspired healthcare.

Working towards evidence-based and data-driven diagnostics to enable clinicians take better therapy decisions.

At an average

  • 0 % tests require a laboratory
  • 0 % clinics without basic laboratory
  • 0 % healthcare spending on tests
  • 0 Hours delayed in treatment

Healthcare is an essential human right and proper diagnosis is the first step towards creating better healthcare systems.

At SpotSense, we are working tirelessly to create faster and more accurate diagnostic solutions that can be used at bedside or at the doctor's office. We believe that rapid, bedside diagnostics, enable dialogue, and put patients at the heart of treatment decisions.

Who We Serve


We are bringing innovative diagnostic tools for doctors to help them better diagnose and monitor patients


We are bringing diagnotics and devices to community and rural health so that health is more accessible.

Health Workers

We are enabling community health workers and helping them make better and quicker decisions regarding referrals.


We hope to bring in surveillance capabilities and use our products to better identify disease burdens in larger communities.

Our Products.

Our Products.

Bedside Diagnostics

SpotSense bedside diagnostics are a panel of rapid, bedside tests, especially in the field of maternal and child health to enable last mile diagnostics and enable physicians to make evidence-based decisions.

Pathology Lab Solutions

Our core laboratory solutions help clinics and small pathology labs provide quick, reliable and fast turnaround tests for multiple disease conditions. For a complete list of test panels, lab solutions and training support contact us.

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