Our Technology


Non-invasive diagnostics: Our platform works on salivary fluids and can detect much lower concentrations, making it very useful in scenarios where blood sampling isn't feasible.

Higher Accuracy: Our unique panel of biomarkers adds to the accuracy of clinical diagnosis and helps doctors make a more informed therapy decision.

De-escalation support: The monitoring value of device aids clinicians in deciding de-escalation of therapy and helps in faster discharge of patients.

We are on a healthy mission.

As response to any systemic disease, a number of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory proteins are produced by our immune system.

We are utilising our understanding of the immune system and creating products designed very specifically for the neonate. The innate immune system of a newborn is still forming and isn’t similar to adult immunology. We have done in-depth studies and analysis to understand these differences and are trying to creating products which specially cater to these differences.